Reading Tree wardens Web site

The Tree Warden Network in Reading is run in partnership with the Tree Council, Trees for Cities and Reading Borough Council.

Purpose of the website

The Reading Tree wardens work on a day to day basis with the local council to make sure trees are looked after. So they are well known to the council.

The brief was to create a online presence that would allow the group a place to advertise their work and events. Whilst also being simply enough to update by a couple of volunteers.

Therefore I offered to mock up a simple website that would allow them to record their group actions and also past and present social activities.

In addition to the website design, I also provided training to two volunteers, who now manage the content updates to the site. To this day, I continue to host the site and work with the group helping anyway I can.

Design rationale

The group members have very little technical knowledge with regards to web sites. But they could not afford to pay a web developer or content company to post up their content. Therefore the main goal of this site was to show the group how simple it could be for members to copy and paste snippets of information from the monthly meetings into the website.

So, above all, simplicity of layout and content was a priority.


Although the group didnt have a web presence, they did have a logo that was printed on the top of all group meeting minutes. To tie the paperwork into the website, I designed a colour version of the letterhead. Adding more varied siloettes of trees and buildings into the logo to make it the width of the navigations bar. The earthy colours of the trees (greens and browns) were then used throughout the website to bring the content together.

Type of project:Web site design, hosting and training in content management


Language(s) used: HTML, Javascript, CSS

Interesting 3rd party Libraries/Systems used: Twitters excellent layouting framework Bootstrap