Skydiving Ninjas - A fun and free Android Live wallpaper

What is it?

This is a Live wallpaper app that I published on the Google Play store.

As you go about using your android smartphone/tablet, cute little ninjas skydive down to earth behind your Android widgets/icons.

You can tilt your smartphone/tablet to affect the direction that the ninjas fall.

Its free to install and shows some of my Android developer and graphic design abilities.

Purpose of the App/Live Wallpaper

Entertainment! I have always loved Ninjas and who wouldnt like to see them skydive behind your android widgets.

Design rationale

Utilise a physics engine (Box2d in this case) and set gravitational forces on the ninja sprites to cause them to fall to earth.

Added bonus of being able to allow the user to change their direction by dynamically affecting the gravitational pull as the user tilts the phone using the accelerometer.

Type of project:Android Live Wallpaper

Location: Google Play store

Language(s) used: Java, Android SDK

Interesting 3rd party Libraries used: The excellent AndEngine Gaming engine, Livewallpaper extension and Box2d physics engine