EVE Mug Check - A Android Mobile app to do EVE Background checks on the move!

Purpose of the app

I created this Android application because there was a need to do background checks on potential new members in my EVE online gaming group when not at the computer.

The application allows the end user to browse through all manner of information relating to the gamer:

  • Skills they have trained or are training.
  • Mails they have written
  • Ship kills and losses.

The gamer simply needs to provide the user with a api key and id via the EVE online support page. The app will then do all the hard work of downloading the data via the eve server and then show it in app.

Design rationale

I chose to design the UI based around the three categories of data shown in app. Therefore I made a tab view that has three tabs. Each tab being fullscreen, You can flick left and right between them using finger swipe gestures.

To add some 'navigation interest', a vertical parallax effort is used to slowly hide the graphic at the top of the screen as you scroll down through each list of data.

If you would like to see some of my Design flows, feel free to click on their thumbnails below or download the pdf's linked Each mockup diagrams shows one of the main app use cases.

Flow 1: Add account

Flow 1: Add account

Download PDF of flow 1

Flow 2: Browse character

Flow 2: Browse character

Download PDF of flow 2

Flow 3: Switch Characters

Flow 3: Switch character

Download PDF of flow 3

Type of project: Android Mobile Application

Location: Coming soon to Google Play for Free!

Language(s) used: JAVA

Interesting 3rd party Libraries used: GreenRobots EventBus, Path Priority Job Queue

Technologies used

Built using JAVA and the Android SDK, this application makes use of the EVE online spaceship games HTTP Cloud API to pull down information about an EVE online gamer.

I also make use of the wonderful Path Priority Task and Queue library to make background downloading of the data via the web seperate from the main UI. This helps tremendously to stop worrying about the downloads faltering if Android decides to kill the UI activity if the user rotates the screen.

I also make use of the GreenRobot EventBus to make communication simple when talking between code running in different threads or fragments.