Purpose of the website

Used initially as an internet advert for the EVE online gaming group 'Brothers of the Dark sun'

However, it soon grew into a place for members to chat and discuss things outside of the game. A PHP based forum, A VOIP Teamspeak server and finally a Jabber based Instant message service were all added by Dean.

As the gaming group increased in size, this website and its forums have grown substantially to help communicate with its members.

Design rationale

We wanted the Eclipse sun to be the focus of the website along with a simple mission goal of the group - We are stress free work with everyone group.

Therefore we didn't want the website navigation to get in the way of the message. This lead to a slide out menu using JQuery and Bootstrap to be used.

Type of project: Website, VOIP and Instant messager services

Location: brothersofthedarksun.com

Language(s) used: HTML, Javascript, CSS

Interesting 3rd party Libraries/Systems used: Twitters excellent layouting framework Bootstrap, Ejabberd for IM Server, PHPBB for Forums and 2 VPS Linux servers