Purpose of the website

Gamers in EVE online are very unique in that they have strong links to the internet, instead of all the action happening 'in game', players often create additional content outside of the game.

Some even remain in their space 'alta egos' and write as if they are the character in real life. Therefore I was tasked to create a Website that would attract other games to the 'Brothers inc' group of players.

Design rationale

A rather simple layout was used with the traditional strip navigation bar running across the top of the page.

The whole website uses the Twitter Bootstrap framework to reduce development time and most importantly to allow a consistent look across the many different web browsers.

Due to the EVE online platform integrating a version of Google Chrome, special EVE online javascript tags were used in the application page so that gamers could directly interact with the game from the website.

Type of project: Website

Location: www.thebrothersinc.net

Language(s) used: HTML, Javascript, CSS

Interesting 3rd party Libraries used: Twitters excellent layouting framework Bootstrap, EVE online javascript apis.