Welcome to my personal website/blog

In addition to writing about cool new software technologies, I blog about flying RC planes and playing the EVE Online MMO.


Creating great software

I am a software engineer by day. I write applications for Mobile devices and for the Web.

When not working, I also often write applications as part of a hobby. Releasing them for free.

For hobby related development, feel free to look at the Portfolio section.

I have worked for many tech companies over the years Nortel Networks, ARCAM, Panasonic and NEC Technologies

I am therefore experienced in many design techniques, implementing software in many languages: JAVA,C/C++,Objective C, PHP, HTML and JavaScript

If you have some cool project/role, do checkout my LinkedIn profile and maybe drop me a line: here


My EVE online empire!!

Not traditionally a hardcore gamer, I wasn't hooked into the likes of Massive Multi-player Online games like WOW. But I have always loved the idea of flying spaceships (yes I love Star Trek and Star Wars).

So when I tried EVE online a few years ago I soon got hooked. Although it has a steep learning curve, I found the amazing single cluster environment (50k players all effecting each other) and the social element of gaming to be very addictive.

Since starting out, I have met many international players from many timezones. Causing me to create a gaming alliance called 'Brothers of the Dark sun'. You will often see me bombing around space in this alliance. So you may also see some blog entries when I get the time.


Radio controlled plane antics!

Who doesn't love dive bombing and loop the looping aircraft. Not being brave enough to be inside a real plane, I took to Radio controlled varieties.

As a teen I used to fly massive slow slope soaring gliders. As an adult I have come back to the hobby, but taken the jump into electric powered 3d planes.

Feeling the need to get outside and away from computers, I can often be found in a playing field racing my Beast 3D biplane around upside down.